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Because we’re constantly growing, we’re always exploring for talent. Join us in an inspiring, fast-paced and ever-changing environment where your career possibilities are with endless opportunities.

We believe in our people, and always encourage new ideas and initiatives. Along with training and leadership guidance, there’s no end to the potential for a successful career within NMBMF. Because a job at NMBMF is more than just a job – it’s the beginning of a career full of opportunity.

There are many ways to develop your career with us. Great opportunities to grow both professionally and personally are provided through internal recruitment, learning different skills and taking on new responsibilities.

Regardless of your role, you contribute to our success by delivering on your responsibilities and by living our values. This creates a workplace where every person in the team is a role model and makes a difference. Simply put: WHAT you do is just as important as HOW you do it.

SN Title Vacancy Date File Size Status
1 Application form 2075-09-07 72.17 KB open
2 Interview result 2075-5-10 1.63 MB open
3 Written Exam Result 2075-5-10 3.29 MB open
4 Shortlist of Tra.Asst for Written Exam 2075-5-10 2.57 MB open
5 Curriculum For Trainee Assistant 2074-12-07 19.08 KB open
6 Application Form 2075-5-10 329.4 KB open
7 Vacancy For Various Positions 2075-5-10 466.88 KB closed
8 Written Exam Result 2074-12-07 1.22 MB closed
9 Vacancy For Various Positions 2075/02/17 139.72 KB closed
10 Shortlisted Candidates 2074-12-07 1.02 MB closed
11 कर्मचारी भर्ना आवेदन फारम विज्ञापन मिति : २०७४-१२-०७ 2074-12-07 263.93 KB closed
12 Vacancy For Various Positions 2074-12-07 118.17 KB closed
13 Vacancy For Various Positions 2074-10-10 381.47 KB closed
14 Written Exam ResultOf Itahari 2074-02-07 98.63 KB closed
15 Exam Result of Kathnamdu 2074-02-07 862.53 KB closed
16 Exam Result of Kohalpur 2074-02-07 719.55 KB closed
17 Shortlist of Trainee Assistant 2074-02-07 1.46 MB closed
18 कर्मचारी भर्ना आवेदन फारम 2074-02-07 186.96 KB closed
19 Vacancy For Branch Managers and Field Assistants 2074-02-07 721.75 KB closed
20 Vacancy For IT 2074-02-04 750.55 KB closed
21 Vacancy For DGM & Project Head 2073-10-26 159.96 KB closed
22 Vacancy for various posts 2073-07-02 313.2 KB closed
23 Shortlisted Candidates 2073-04-13 573.37 KB closed