• Saving

  • 1. Anibarya Bachat Yojana :

    This is a mandatory saving designed to encourage the saving habits of members as well as to provide safety net for both NMBMF and member. NMBMF provides interest @ 7.5% p.a. on this savings. Members can withdraw this saving only in case of membership cancellation.

    2. Sajilo Bachat khata :

    This is the voluntary saving product offered to all the members if NMBMF. A member can open his/her account with a minimum of Rs.100.00. NMBMF provides interest @ 7.5% p.a. on this saving. Members can deposit in this saving account when they have surplus and withdraw from this account as per their needs.

    3. Center Fund Bachat Yojana :

    This is mandatory saving .This product is designed to fulfill requirement of center operation. Such as purchasing mat, build Center home , spend on social activities etc. Every member have to deposit Rs. 5 per month.(Changes according to the policy of NMBMF)

    4. Udyami Nari Bachat Yojana :

    5. Sambridda Bachat Yojana :

    6. Nagad Surakshan Bachat Yojana :