• Insurance

  • 1. Micro  Insurance:

    The clients are offered term life insurance  linking them with insurance companies. In case of client’s natural death , their family or responsible person will not need to pay loan . Insurance company compensates total loan amount and give some expenses for funeral. If  client dies in accident ,company provide 200% of loan amount to their family and some funeral expenses. If  client is fully disabled to work from accident ,company compensate his total loan .

    2. Livestock Insurance :

    NMBMF provides livestock insurance to its clients linking up with a local agency (Deposit and Credit Guarantee Corporation). When clients borrows loan for livestock, they pay 3 percent of the value to the DCGC, and the government matches it with an additional 3 percent payment. If the animal dies and it is verified by a veterinary official, the agency pays the 80 percent of the loan. If the livestock is alive at the end of the loan period, the client receives 20 percent of the premium as a refund.

    3. Life Insurance :

    NMBMF is providing this facility linking up with local agency (life insurance company) to the clients .