• TOR of DGM & Project Head

  • TOR of DGM :

    Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer, NMBMF Head office, Hemja, Kaski.
    Coordinate with: Head office, department heads, branch staff and stakeholders
    Overall responsibility:

    1. She/he will ensure the easy access to finance for poor with aim of inclusive banking to the deprived households of the mountainous and hilly region in a sustainable framework.
    2. Implement the best practice of corporate governance, staff management, financial management & risk management to attain sustainable growth of organization.
    3. Assist the CEO to execute the policy decisions of the Board and overall management of the institution.
    4. Manage day-to-day operations of the institution by providing clear leadership and guidance in all functions of the institution, including finance, credit, operations, administration, special projects, HR, IT.
    5. Drive organizational performance, both quantitatively and qualitatively; achieve business plan targets.
    6. Ensure effective collaboration with management and technical assistance services agreement.
    7. Uphold standards of risk management at all levels and ensure effective supervisory control and management review.
    8. Focus on the institution’s social mission and its dedication to financial inclusion motto.
    9. Develop annual and long term plans and budgets, incorporating input from the different departments for approval by the Board.
    10. Oversee the implementation of budgets and strategic plans, including oversight of fundraising.
    11. Set financial and operational performance targets for all key operating units.
    12. Set employee performance standards required to achieve short and long term objectives and goals.
    13. Lead the MFI’s expansion into new geographic areas of Nepal.
    14. Build a strong and effective senior management team.
    15. Establish an effective and competent participatory management style.
    16. Implement performance management system for senior management team.
    17. Oversee and support the development and implementation of effective HR policies and procedures for recruitment, training and talent development.
    18. Motivate all staff and ensure that staff is dedicated to the mission of the MFI.
    19. Mentor and coach senior management.
    20. Build the MFI’s reputation as a company committed to excellent client services, both internally and externally.
    21. Maintain solid relations with shareholders and external parties, NRB, the Government of Nepal, investors, and other business partners.
    22. Ensure quality information flow to investors, regulators and other stakeholders as relevant


    TOR of Project Head:
    (NMBMF is currently working with Sakchyam and Unnati Project. Prior working experience with these projects will be an added advantage)
    Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer, NMB Microfinance
    Coordinate with: Head office, branch staffs and local community stakeholders
    Overall responsibility:

    1. Will ensure effective coordination and representation of donor at branch level and provide capacity building support and guidance to community stakeholders. In addition, the project officer will also coordinate with other donor organization to carry out other projects.
    2. Project implementation and capacity building, Support branch level staff in implementation of project activities via collaboration and coordination, field visits and other technical inputs as needed.
    3. Mentor and build the technical capacity of branch staff and members, via trainings and regular supervision to implement the project effectively and achieve the highest quality standards.
    4. Develop field manuals, process documentations, training sessions etc. as necessary for the project implementation.
    5. Systematically maintain the documents and accurate information of the project to assist project planning and monitoring.
    6. Participate in branch and center coordination meetings, working group meetings and other meetings as required in different levels.
    7. Prepare monthly and quarterly progress reports in coordination of department heads and branch level staffs.
    8. Review and assess the reports, to identify the progress and quality.
    9. Ensure accurate and timely reporting of activities and progress according to donor’s requirement and other applicable time-frames.
    10. Assist in monitoring and evaluation of project activities, outputs, and impacts by coordinating field data collection, analyzing data, and preparing report with relevant conclusions.
    11. Prepare necessary reports for sharing to different stakeholders.