• Vision

  • To be a pioneer microfinance institution committed to improving quality of life through the provision of inclusive and sustainable microfinance services to the economically disadvantaged people of mountainous & hilly area of Nepal .
    To empowering rural people for attaining self-sustaining socio-economic upliftment.


    Will be serving at least 2 million people with 50000 active members within 5 year. Will be also working as a bridge & initiator of development in these districts.
    We will be establishing the e-commerce site as tourism (Marketing)platform.
    will be developing 1000km- 0 carbon imitation, 100% organic, 100% home stay with satellite connection trekking routes & help to convert existing route too- within 5 year. (partnership with Nepal tourism board & government of Nepal) that means (credit, bio gas, solar, IT, social empowerment & equal distribution of resource)
    will be providing scholarship to 2000 student within 5 year.
    will be providing the health service to the 1 million people within 5 year.
    will be planting 1 million trees within 5 year.
    will be developing & promoting few famous tourism destinations cultures & event 5 years down the line.
    Will be helping to construct the community projects including micro hydro & other infrastructure
    Will be helping to be easy excess on remittance.